Saturday, March 5, 2011

Channeling David Stark

I am constantly inspired and amazed at
the incredible ideas David Stark comes up with!
He is nothing short of a genius.....a total rock star
(from Mars even...just like Charlie!)!!

From whimsical to sophisticated, the simple to the sublime...he does it all! Whether you design children's parties, weddings, or backyard barbecues, you'll find some inspiration here! And if you design nothing at'll want to start after you check out his work.

I love the simple, graphic read of this "PARTY" grass wall. It would work great as a monogram at a wedding.

MOMA's Art Party in the Garden

This would be fun for a children's party with a "Mad Hatter" or tea-party theme!

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards
His paper flower pieces make me want to create a whole garden of my own. Such simple elements, really; but when done in mass it makes such a statement!
Sundance 27th Anniversary Celebration

Minneapolis Institute of Arts Gala

New Yorkers for Children Fall Gala

And he loves paint chips too!

Check out this space....the walls are covered in paint chips!

Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS

And these hanging curtains of paint chips are GENIUS!

Above and below: American Patrons of the Tate Gala

So if you're bored of checking out the latest blog posts (except this one of course!), and no one on facebook has anything interesting to say....head on over to David Stark's website (which is such a brilliant/fun design in and of itself!). You'll be glad you did!

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