Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home Galleries

I've been searching the Internet lately for some inspiration for a gallery wall I'm planning as a part of our basement remodel. I have a gallery-type wall going on in my first floor hallway; sort of a mosaic of photographs, the kids artwork, and fox items. It's a work in progress...it changes every time I add something to it...and there's still lots of room to add!

I like the way it is working out, but I wanted to do something different in the basement. There are a bazillion ways to go about it, and I haven't settled on anything yet, but wanted to pass on a few that I found.

This is actually a wallpaper printed with frames. I first saw it years ago...and I've always loved it, I've just never really had a place to put it. It's very informal and fun! As much as I'd like to design a stylishly chic basement....I know that it's not the direction it is going to go (at least while there are still young boys living in this house!). So maybe this could be an option for now...then more on to something more sophisticated later?

This makes a great statement...but the photographs need to be pretty special!

Source: Pottery Barn

This is a good mix of simple and sophisticated. The square frames make it more interesting!

(I do, however, HATE the orchids on the shelves....ew!)

There are some other great blog posts on this subject (they've practically done all of my research for me):

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These blogs will show you TONS of great examples to creatively

display your family's treasured photos!

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