Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photograpy Project: A Color Hunt

Sometimes I need a little push, or "inspiration", to pick up my camera and go exploring; especially when there's no obvious event or subject to photograph. I need to practice with my camera, and I need some what's better than taking your camera out for a walk? I know, we are in the middle of a snow-filled winter here in the mid-Atlantic, but that's an even better reason to bundle up and get outside. The snowy season doesn't really last as long as it seems, and there are some great opportunities for beautiful photos that you just can't get in 80 degree weather!

Andrea over at Hula Seventy has given me so much inspiration to just grab your camera and GO! She has started a "color therapy" project with husband and wife duo over at Poppytalk. Picking a "color of the day" and then heading out to capture it on her camera. Especially now that so many of us are shooting digital....there is no reason to not get out there and click, click, click! I recommend sticking to one color theme per will help keep you focused.
Here are some examples of Andrea's color hunt....

hopefully I'll have some blog-worthy photos of my own to post soon!





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and share with me the photos of your color hunt!

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