Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paint Chip Projects

So...I received a bunch of comments on the paint chip projects I made for my son's recent birthday party. I have to admit...I've always been a bit obsessed with those "free" little color cards of inspiration. I love color....and most of them I would NEVER actually paint on my wall...but it is such a shame to not use them in some way! I can't walk by a display without grabbing a few...even if there are no painting/decorating projects in my future. Caleb's art themed party was a good excuse to start using up my collection (and...okay...I did make several trips to the local paint stores to stock up!)
Duron had the longest strips I could find...7 color blocks! I cut these down, and used the remaing blocks to punch out the 2" circle. Added a small hole punch and some string...voila! (After I took the photos, I did end up using my corner-rounding punch to round all of the edges.)
Piece of cake! Even all of the adults at the party took one...a free and useable party favor--a great combination!

I also made these matchbook-style notpads from Duron paint chips. I folded the bottom flap up, rounded the corners with my punch, and stapled. I folded the remainder in half, and cut down some sticky notes to fit inside (1/4" smaller that the area within the paint chip). The sticky notes stuck to the paint chip, the flap folds down and tucks inside of the stapled a match book. It's a handy little memo book to tuck inside your purse....the adults loved them as much as the kids did!

I cut these flags for the cake stand from Behr paint chips. Their chips are large rectangles. I also used them to cut 2" circles for hanging garlands, favor tags, and cupcake toppers!

Now, I was pretty pleased with myself for finding, fun and inexpensive ways to decorate and make party favors. Those projects were pretty cute.....or so I thought....
But then I stumbled over to a new blog called Infarrantly Creative. (By "new" I mean new to me...she's been at this for YEARS!)
Beckie has the same fascination with paint chips....and she puts my projects to SHAME!
This is her version of paint chip memo pads---made to look like little purses!!
The video tutorial is available on her blog here.

And if you think those are AMAZING...check this out! Beckie even makes JEWELRY from paint chips! It's pretty simple too...check out her video tutorial.
And Beckie's latest blog post is 5 Ways to Use Paint Chips.
(that's right....5 more projects to put my bookmarks to shame!)
Thanks for the 'Foxy Inspiration' Beckie...can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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  1. I've always been a bit obsessed with paint chips, too! My step-daughter is as well and recently covered her nightstand top in various chips and we then put a piece of glass on top to make a neat little display for her. I'm going to share your great ideas with her, too! Thanks for the ideas!