Thursday, January 20, 2011

Etsy: The Zen of shopping by color

Did you know you can shop by Color on Etsy? You There is something so cool and zen-like just dragging your cursor around and watching the colors pop. It's kind of like throwing pebbles in the river and watching the ripples waft away--not that I have the time for that....or the desire (it's like 20 degrees outside right now!).

Right now I'm having a love affair with the grey and lemongrass color palette combination. It's not new actually...when I was planning my office makeover last winter, I planned on using the same palette. Of course, that project didn't happened.....I realized we NEVER use our office (I'm sitting on a laptop at the kitchen table) and the time & money could better be spent elsewhere! Now that my husband and I are starting to get serious about finishing the basement, I can start playing around with color palettes again (and shopping on Etsy!). **By the way...did you see my previous post about Design Seed. If not, check it out.....yummy color palettes!**

Anyway...some searching by color on Etsy in the grey-lemongrass color palette resulted in some of these beautiful handmade items! Click on the photos to be taken to their Etsy shop!

Try your own color search on Etsy...and let me know if you find any Foxy Inspiration!

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