Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heart & Sew for the Children's Party Network

Children's Party Network has posted another challenge!

Brittany from Grey Grey Designs came up with the 'Heart & Sew' challenge.....a Valentine's Day inspired sewing project. Since I haven't sewed a thing since 7th grade home economics class, I was thrilled to see that we could use fabric glue! The funny thing is, that once I got in to it, I decided to go ahead and dig out the sewing box I got as a bridal shower gift in 1998 and ACTUALLY SEW the hearts instead of gluing. It was a personal victory...and I think the orange stitching is much cuter than it would have been if I just used fabric glue! That was the point of this challenge (for me anyway) try something new. Don't get me will probably be another 30 years before I sew anything else!

So here is my finished project:

The yarn wrapped branches were inspired by a display I once saw at Anthropologie (thanks Kakki!), and have used this technique for some of the wedding events I've done with Romance of Flowers.
I made some pom-poms out of the same yarn, stitched together the white hearts with orange thread and a little stuffing in between, and cut hearts out of blue felt with pinking sheers. I attached blue felt heart to the white hearts (with glue!), and sewed buttons on to the blue hearts.

The branches were set inside a narrow bud vase, which fit inside of the wider glass cylinder. I filled the space in between with candy hearts.

It makes a cute centerpiece for a valentine's day party!
Thanks Brittany for the challenge!


  1. Adorable! Love that you used blue instead of pink or red!

  2. Very adorable! I also like your choice of color, really nice!

  3. Thanks ladies! Real comments! Nice to know someone is reading my blog!!! ;)

  4. Thanks Latisha! I hope you are working on a projecct too....there aren't too many so far!