Monday, January 24, 2011

Start planning that Super Bowl party now! I've never been confused for a football fan, but do we really need a reason to throw a party? My Ravens-loving husband, family and friends are not excited to see the Steelers in the Super Bowl, so I guess they'll be cheering on the Packers this year. For me...I'm just celebrating the end of football season! Bring on baseball and spring weather!

Here are a few items to help get you inspired to start planning your Super Bowl party!

A Super Bowl party is a perfectly acceptable time to send an electronic invite. I think has the best ones out there. They offer great designs, and the ability to manage your rsvps and send reminders to your! For about $10 you can upgrade your account to receive more options!
P.S. The above evite is available with the Pinng Plus upgrade!

These yummy sliders are served on a waffle fry and can be made with turkey, beef or bison. Try varying the toppings to suit your tastes...cherry tomatoes and pickles, bleu cheese and bacon, mushrooms and swiss...the possibilities are endless!

Salami and cheese crackers. Source

This recipe for Chicken and Sun Dried Tomato Chili sounds like a yummy alternative to the traditional tomato based beef and bean chili.

I don't usually endorse 1-800-Flowers--or carnations....but this is pretty cute. The mug is filled with amber gel stones (available at craft stores everywhere), topped with a circle of Styrofoam (cut a hole in the center so stems can make it to the water!) and add carnations for the foamy head!

Okay...a remote controlled beer cooler! No more running to the fridge and missing those great commercials! Source The Man Registry

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